Copper Saucepans

Copper saucepans are basically made with copper; usually being combined with stainless steel.
They are widely used by professional chefs and restaurants, especially with regards to heat conductivity. Copper cookware is usually made in conjunction with nickel, tin, stainless steel or a combination of these metals. Copper is used on the outside and stainless steel is usually on the internal cooking surface.  Copper cookware is popular among chefs and culinary experts internationally partially because of its stylish look and for its heat conduction properties.  Copper pots and pans have a distinct appeal of elegance and are typically more expensive than other cookware. See our range of copper cookware below.

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Why Choose Copper Saucepans & Cookware

Copper distributes heat quickly and evenly better than aluminium. Its conductivity is ten times higher than glass or stainless steel. It quickly responds to temperature changes as compared to other metals. The heat and cooking time thus being reduced when using copper cookware.

Cooper cookware does not need to be shiny. Some prefer their cookware to be bruised or scratched. It gives an antique and classy look. However, shining may prevent a copper cookware from developing a patina or green look. 

Please note that Copper cookware can be easily scratched and is naturally soft which is why it is often combined with other metals to make it more durable. In addition Copper cookware possesses the heaviest metal among all cook wares and is more prone to dents.

Copper cookware changes in colour and appearance with use. A copper cookware may change its colour, especially when cooking in deep pink, orange or purple colours. Hence, heat and humidity can alter the appearance of copper cookware, especially when it is not cleaned properly.

Used with thorough care as copper is sensitive to acidic foods. Copper cookware requires proper maintenance in order to keep it looking like brand new.

Despite copper cooker’s downsides, most gourmet chefs still prefer this kind of cookware. This is due to their great features such as its heat distribution system that are unmatched. Copper cookware is an investment, offering very effective functionality for kitchen owners for many years to come.