Cast Iron Saucepans

The only range of Cast Iron Saucepans we do at are the cast iron range from Le Creuset. Cast Iron saucepans are based on ancient cooking methods and have remained in use for generations. Cast Iron saucepans have become premium cookware and are often seen in grand kitchens on Aga range cookers. 

Cooking with Cast Iron Saucepans

Cooking with cast iron cookware is different than the new cookware now available. Cast iron cookware takes time to heat up before the start to transfer heat to the inner food which makes them great for creating casseroles and stews and slow cooking in general. Equally they take more time to cool down. As Cast Iron saucepans are very heavy le Creuset have created a small range of saucepans sold individually and as 3 piece cookware sets in a variety of colours. If Le Creuset made the saucepans any larger than 20cm then you would have trouble lifting it when its full which, this is is why the size maximum is 20cm. Le Creuset cast iron saucepans are suitable for cooking on induction cookware as well as for use in the oven.

Cleaning Le Creuset Cast Iron Casseroles and Saucepans

For best care of Le Creuset saucepans and casseroles we recommend you use the Le Creuset Cast Iron Cleaner which is formulated to clean the Enamel and glaze on Le Creuset Cast Iron Cookware. This cleaner will remove unsightly burnt on deposits or stains and helps to restore lustre and shine on the inside or outside.